Everlasting Shores

"A song that would carry me home"

A story about disappearing into the mythical
realm of faeries and elves, exploring a magic of old.

Equinox and Solstice

"Just the two of them; a secret place"

A story, or more a fairytale legend, about the sun
and moon, and how four times a year, they are
allowed to celebrate their love...

Eight Days of Love

"Strangers meeting heart to heart"

A story inspired by love and how deeply
it can connect two hearts that simply belong...

Echoes from Another Time

"Wandering ghosts have secrets to tell"

A story about a young woman who wakes to supernatural occurrences, leading her to discover
that nothing she believed is what it seems...

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200 words, read it here.

4790 words, available as a free eBook here.

Fragments of a Fairytale

“Her prince so charming, so daring — a love ever hers"

A story in which a young woman finds herself lost in fragmented fairytales, and through many obstacles
and dangers, in pursuit of a magical romance.

Moon Child

"So beautiful in your loneliness..."

A story pondering the light of the moon and all
the inspiration she's given us over the ages past.

Bird of Imagination

"Lost to another time, world and place"

A story aiming to describe how it feels when inspiration takes hold, making your mind take flight.


"Wave after wave, life crashed over me"

A story influenced by the trials and tribulations of life, and how the reaching hand of a loved one can give you the strength to once more stand up and start again.

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Midnight Romeo

"A hero of old, he reaches out his heart"

A story situated on the cusp of dreams, of a romance that seems to have no boundaries in place or time.

Magic of Venice

"Lost under his spell, enticed by his game"

A story about a sensual attraction blossoming
on the festival-wrapped streets of Venice.

A Feast of Starlight

“Miracles may happen when heavenly bodies fall”

A story about a young boy who ventures out on Christmas Eve, not aware that his actions will coincide with the small town myth of the Celestial Maiden,
and a miraculous story of true love.

Riddles in the Dark

"All you desire demands a price to pay"

A story about an old kind of magic, beckoning you to an enchanted place filled with both darkness and light, where you may trade for all you desire...

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1500 words, read it here.

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Ghost of the Lighthouse

"She is ever there; waiting, waiting for you"

A story inviting you to walk the winding steps
up to the home of a haunting ghost...

Colour Me Beautiful

"That place where our souls meet"

A story that truly speaks in the colours of love, taking you into a dreamy imagination through day and night.

Chasing Rainbows

"Our entwined thoughts sprouted wings"

A story escaping into a fantastical world of dreams
and beauty, painted in colours of the rainbow.

Legend of the Wishmaker

"Believe in yourself and the magic will follow"

A story inviting you to the Lantern Festival,
where people entrust their wishes to the wide
open skies, and discover if the legend is true –
the legend of the Wishmaker.

200 words, read it here.

200 words, read it here.

200 words, read it here.

1283 words, read it here.

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