* * * * *

Broken and blue, I crash upon your shore. Shipwrecked. Searching. Lost.

That which makes me who I am is scattered along the white sand; my being no more than messages in bottles, filled with words scribbled on discarded paper, misplaced among the seashells and coral fragments.

I am tangled seaweed hair and tailless legs. Vulnerable and stripped bare. My fingers not daring to reach out to unknown horizons. Eyes squeezed shut against unfamiliar light. The last thoughts of hope imprisoned behind locked lips.

Wave after wave, life crashed over me. Giving, taking, till I was stretched thin; nothing left to give, nothing left to take. I have been reset, placed back on the first steps of a new path.

But, I’ve walked so far alone; I’m not sure I can do it all again.

Unable to rise, I lie still. Water lapping at my frame, kissing my feet. Gulls cry. Winds whisper stories I cannot grasp. Voices echo from days long past.

Escaping those mirrors of sound, sudden footsteps draw near. Closer, and closer. Sand softly crunches. A hand gingerly touches my back. Caressing. Caring.

A faint smile curls my lips; a weight lifts.

You’ve come to take me home.

Total Word Count: ± 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Emotional

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