Riddles in the Dark

* * * * *

Dancing on the knife’s edge between night and day, there be shadows that talk. They whisper enticingly, in both truth and lie; ever aiming to amuse you.

Seduce you.

It is unwise to travel alone when the hands of time slip into these twilight hours; for shadows are always lingering, abiding patiently — waiting for a chance to beckon you to step within their veiled embrace.

Still, if you feel like tempting danger, like some lost souls do, you’ll find these storytellers in an enchanted forest where the sky meets the ocean, and the ocean meets the earth.

Lithe, like butterflies, the shadows are no longer shadows when touched by awakening moonlight; beautiful, yet other-worldly; ever young, with age-old eyes.

Some sing amaranthine songs, and make you feel like you belong; yet others possess a darkling mind, and behind their masks hide different games they orchestrate.

One thing is certain; even if all hearts long in a different way, they can give you anything you may wish to claim. But, heed my warning before you decide to stray; all you desire demands a price to pay.

Softly, and in riddles they speak. Promises falling from silken lips, words laced with ambiguity; dreams and love; blood and bone — will you trade your gifts for truth, or lie?

Think once, think twice.

Your soul may mend the day you step into the calling woods, yet the question remains if you are allowed to keep it, when you turn to bid their realm… goodbye.

Total Word Count: ± 250
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy

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