Moon Child

* * * * *

Moon child, sleeping on your crescent isle — do you know you are beautiful in your loneliness?

Held in the sun’s embrace of perpetual light, you hold us spellbound, waxing and waning as you do in our eversky. Your vacant eyes and lunar skin inspiring artists of every walk of life throughout the centuries. Your romantic glow carefully showing the way to lovers old and new.

Gazing up, it has always made me wonder; does your heart still hold your dreams for you? Tucked away deep inside, are they ever shining like earthly fireflies? Or are they merely whispered wishes, riding dying trails that fade into the ink of night?

Staring down at us, suspended as you are between the stars, how much have you seen of our comings and goings in the ages past? How many of our stories have drifted up to meet you, entangling with your own memories? Do you recall them as you slumber, or is your mind filled with thoughts all of your own, taking you to unknown places…

Moon child, bewitched, I am lost to your powers — won’t you tell me what it is like up there?

Total Word Count: ± 192
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy

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