Midnight Romeo

* * * * *

Spiralling through the universe, I am lost on a silver stairwell. Caught somewhere between up and down, I follow the pull of a tender, whispering voice ever calling out to me. Always reaching me.

‘Come to me,’ he says, sweetly; the echo of his touch caressing my skin.

Resembling a hero of old, he reaches out his heart, the brush of his love against mine soft and inviting; like willow leaves dangling on a morning breeze.

I lean in but cannot reach — and fall; gravity pulling gracefully through time and space. Tears escape my closed lids, trailing glistening jewels without thread, shining akin to diamond stars in my growing world of shadows.

Suddenly, warmth envelops me with a sensation of wings, blooming out of arms embracing and fingertips tracing wonders across my sensitive frame.

‘I’ve got you,’ he whispers next to my ear, his breath on my cheek.

Pulling me closer, we entangle — eyes closing, lips meeting — and our worlds collide in a falling rain of meteorites…

* * * * *

With a smile, I awake from my dreaming, curled into my blanket’s enfold. Sunlight on curtains hints of new day promises; midnight Romeo’s kiss still gently on my lips.

Total Word Count: ± 199
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy/Romance

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