Magic of Venice

* * * * *

She twists and turns, graciously, through an ocean of gathered souls; her body moving to the rhythm of a playful band that is never seen but only heard.

Night is dawning, and stars shimmer on vaulted ceilings of velvet blue; age-old diamonds burning their fires from a place beyond the wheels of time.

The air is heavy with fragrance; colognes of him, perfumes of her, and adding to them, the intoxicating aroma of scented candles; lanterns lighting up the streets in festive, colourful splendour.

   Lost to another world, enchanted by this place; she dances.

Surrounding her, faces are hidden behind golden façades, and she never knows if she sways from fiend to lover; the silken gown caressing her body as boldly as the Joker’s wild grin — who watches her from afar.

Waves of teasing hands push her closer to his reach; his eyes behind the mask undressing her with every move, eagerly shining with appreciation, and a kindling of desire.

   Lost under his spell, enticed by his game; she dances.

At long last the vast sea breaks and she crashes into his exploring arms; his fingers graze across obscuring fabrics, his touch burning on her skin, and even though she pretends to resist, breathlessly she anticipates the moment his lips will descend upon her waiting mouth…

Body to body, electricity ignites when he finally seals it with a kiss, and claiming her own desire, she succumbs without fight.

She is forever lost to the magic that is… Venice.

Total Word Count: ± 248
Genre(s): Fiction/Romance

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