Ghost of the Lighthouse

* * * * *

Secrets, they reside in the whispers of the wind. Are locked in the remaining, lonely bones of decaying walls. She haunts the lighthouse like a memory, forever. Even in death she’s beautiful; she will never be forgotten.

Her cries crash as the waves, clinging to island rocks like desperate, searching hands. But, alike to the translucent waters, she’s always slipping away – back into the depths and the unknown, ever caught between darkness... and light.

Still, she is ever there. Waiting, waiting for you. Waiting for that moment you are either brave, or foolish enough to gather your courage and climb the worn, winding steps up to her lair.

You will find it, that strength; for you are curious.

Curious about the truth hiding behind the secrets. Curious about the words she whispers in her beckoning winds that knock at your door and rattles your windows at night.

The question is; will you be the one who finally listens? Truly listens to her story of heartache and regrets. Or will you only see the shadow of who she once was?

Will you be the one to set her free? Or, will you only see the ghost?

The ghost of the lighthouse.

Word Count: 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal

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