Everlasting Shores

* * * * *

I can hear them calling, that soft tremble of silver bells drifting on the wind; whispering souls beckoning from another world.

A single tear of happiness travels down my cheek as I remember a day long ago. A memory so fresh, I only have to reach out and touch it.

Light, as swift as a dragonflies’ wing danced before my closed eyes, trembling and fading, like a melody too fragile for life.
No colours could describe them, ethereal as they were in their unrivalled beauty; armour and gowns crafted from starlight, their ancient eyes ever young.

Oh, how I ran to them; following that one song that would carry me home.

Featherlight, I slept on the shores of Tír na nÓg, danced within everlasting green fields, and as bold as the wicked Puck, darted wildly with the carefree pixies.

Like a selkie I slipped out of my human skin and disappeared into a land of dreams. No yesterday, no tomorrow; just the days and nights that came with the rising sun and the beckoning moons’ lullaby.

I became like the sands of time.
Endless. Forever falling within my own frame.

I was nothing. I was everything. I am forever free.

Word Count: 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy

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