Equinox and Solstice

* * * * *

Once upon, or maybe not too long ago, the Moon wept a rain of falling stars. Her love for the Sun touching our earth, while he stretched his arms to catch them. It was their only way to daily connect, as they danced through lonely nights and days.

Still, they did not truly fall into despair, for they lived for every new tomorrow passing. Time ticking away to the moments they could meet.

Just the two of them; a secret place.

Pitied by the ancient Gods above and beyond, who watched the lovers pine with such honesty, they gifted the pair a passageway through seasons; a magical door, hidden, inside the world’s core.

Thus, each equinox and solstice, when nature turns, on its hinges it swings, unlocked and open… and taking on physical form, the romantics reunite.

In waterfalls of raven hair, the Moon will emerge; a mysterious beauty, with eyes of shining silver. She falls into the Sun’s wide open embrace, his tan body aglow, truly embodying a radiant smile.

Through their togetherness, familiar changes ripple across continents; Spring flowers bloom as their lips meet to kiss; when their limbs entangle, Summer heat starts sweltering; among fire leaves falling they stroll into Autumn; and ever believing magic, they make Winter’s fairies sway.

This is how they existed in the ages past. Living with heartache, completing their natural circles, they persist — longing for tomorrow.

Forever whispering their sweet hello’s and sad goodbye’s; bound to one another till end... of time.

Word Count: 250
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy/Romance

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