Eight Days of Love

* * * * *

The first day he saw her, his eyes were instantly drawn to her fingers on which she wore a single, gold ring. The word love was inscribed in the delicate band, and he couldn’t help but feel it embodied exactly who she was.

Somehow invisible to the rushing medics, she quietly sat on the sidewalk, shivering, while tears dripped down her face – one of few survivors where crash-victim blood stained the streets.

Strangers meeting heart to heart, he instinctively knew they belonged, and from that moment on they were no longer alone. Effortlessly they slipped through six days and seven nights as one, not caring for future or past; naturally falling into a rhythm of love.

On their eighth day together she led him back to the street where they met. They stood in shared silence, their fingers entwined, and when the rays of the rising sun kissed the asphalt grey, she merely whispered, “It’s time to go...”

With a knowing smile he pulled her close, and in the watchful eyes of a paper-boy, they faded into the yellow light. Disbelieving, the boy gazed in surprise, while beneath his hands the headline read;

“Newlyweds confirmed dead in tragic car accident”

Word Count: 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Romance/Paranormal

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