Colour Me Beautiful

* * * * *

As sunlight dances on your treasured face, I’m more and more aware that my love for you can never be skin-deep. How else can I explain my sudden urge to hear your silken voice dive down to lost Atlantis? Swept away on your words, I’ll float in oceans of blue, swim through shades of indigo and wash up on sandy shores.

Laying here, side-by-side in green grass swaying, I long to crawl beneath your sunkissed skin and find the riddles carved into the ivory of your bones; trace the lines of whispering poetry until I fade to be like the oxygen in your being.

Like the wind, I want to ride the soft crackling thunder of your laughter and wrap its essence around my shoulders to keep me warm in the myriad hues of velvet night; a ghost of your loving arms when you’re not dreaming next to me.

More than anything I wish to become one with the songs that flow through your veins, travelling head to toe, fuelling the cherished depths of your crimson heart; I yearn to be lost in that never-ending cycle where our limbs entangle and our souls meet…

My love — you colour me beautiful.

Word Count: 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Romance

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