Chasing Rainbows

* * * * *

Last night I dreamed of strange phenomenon, childhood memories and, as ever, you. Reflected in your eyes were kaleidoscope colours; remnants of a dream we chased not too long ago — I wonder, do you still remember that day?

That day we lay on our backs in a green forest wonderland, our eyes lost in the endless indigo of midnight skies that escaped the canopies, searching as we did, for undiscovered mystery in constellations.

Mesmerized, our entwined thoughts sprouted wings.

Yet, instead of skies, we dived into deep blue seas; swimming in the wake of red-tailed fishes, we danced among the orange coral reefs placing starfish-hands on our hips and hearts.

Following the curves and sweet memories of violet we pursued our bows of anticipation; tasting tears from heaven on our fingertips, bathing in long warm arms and yellow smiles.

Light-hearted we darted through the urban jungle, repainting it with shades of happiness; projecting the joy of a common goal onto the canvas of our world.

We moved as one, thought as one, our souls afloat like children lost in a playground. Together we were strong. Together we held hope in the palms of our hands.

Together, we were chasing rainbows.

Word Count: 200
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy

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