Bird of Imagination

* * * * *

Brushing up against my insides, there’s a sensation of feathers. Warm, and soft, tentatively stretching towards a new light dawning. It flutters playfully, slightly teasing, daring me to come closer and explore.

   Thoughts begin to wake.

Stirring from its secret place of hibernation, the little thing lifts its head. Eyes growing clear as life takes hold; an internal flame glowing continually brighter. Shapes unfold, colours sway, and words seem to tumble onto my fingertips, waiting to be written down — on the heartbeat of possibilities, my horizon expands.

   Ideas begin to grow.

Eye on the sky, my imaginary friend tries its wings for size; with gentle baby-steps we shimmy to the edge, discarding places without second thought, until we suddenly feel the pull and jump — a leap of faith.
   No experience is ever the same; it’s like music heard for the very first time, touched by a nostalgic wealth of homecoming. Creation ever a game of beautiful contradictions.

   Heart begins to soar.

Weightless, the view from above is all-inspiring, and effortless it flows. Inspiration runs through me like a river, and I’m lost to another world, time and place.

   I have taken flight on my bird of imagination.

Word Count: 197
Genre(s): Fiction/Fantasy

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