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Echoes from Another Time

Echoes from Another Time

Hello, and a Happy Halloween to you all!

As October grows darker, the leaves turn, and the autumn winds blow, I always find this a perfect time to read stories that are a bit dark, a bit strange, a bit wildly magical. Which is why, last year for that sole occasion, I wrote a ghostly story of my own called Echoes from Another Time, which tells the tale of a young woman called Ally, who wakes to find that nothing in her life is as it seems...

Getting once again in that haunted mood, in September I set aside some time to photograph a series of quotes in a dark setting (enjoying myself immensely), and for the past weeks as Halloween approached have been sharing them on social media in the hopes to contribute to the overall ghostly atmosphere. Now, on October 31st, I wanted to combine them all together in a special blog, along with the download links to Echoes from Another Time, as it is freely available to read in eBook (:

A Touch of Inspiration

As you have read correctly, Echoes from Another Time is a ghost story, but one with a twist. Of course, I will not give anything away; I'll leave that for you to discover 😉 Still, I will share that Ally's tale had been slumbering in the back of my mind for quite some time, and when the end of Summer of '18 began to call, she kept coming back to me more and more, and I had almost no choice but to tell you her story...

When I write I always like to set the mood by creating a playlist on my iPod, and with this project, it was no different. The short stories' atmosphere was both inspired by Fernando Velázquez' score created for Crimson Peak; which is a beautifully made, although somewhat disturbing tale of love by master filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, and another influence came from the music of Penny Dreadful, a series I recommend to anyone who is fascinated by the supernatural, and has a sometimes eerie, yet exquisite soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski.

To give you a taste of music-moods, I've included some tracks below:
• ♫ Edith's Theme, Allerdale Hall and Finale by Fernando Velázquez (Crimson Peak)
• ♪ Closer Than Sisters, Vanessa's Dream and Melting Waltz by Abel Korzeniowski (Penny Dreadful, season 1, 2 and 3)


“It all began with the footsteps”

When Ally awakes in the middle of the night to the sound of unexpected footsteps, she thinks her boyfriend has come home from his travels, but instead finds herself still eerily home alone. Quickly, things spin out of control as candles begin to burn out of their own accord, and a haunting, darkling spirit appears — leading her to discover that nothing she believed is what it seems...

Sharing the blurb as an extra sampler, I'll leave you with the facts that Echoes from Another Time is a seven chapter short story (counting 4,670 words), written in the same style as you've come to know from me in my Poetic Prose series — AND, you can get it in eBook through the links below, totally for FREE!

Smashwords (ePub)
Kobo (ePub)
Barnes and Noble (ePub)
Prolific Works (ePub and .mobi)

If you enjoyed it, please leave me a review on Goodreads, or get in touch in the comments below to tell me your thoughts; I'd love to find out (:

Love, KJ

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