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Amaranthine; visual poems from the haiku series

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, Amaranthine is a collection of all the visual poems from the Haiku series.
Touching upon various topics, the poetry is accompanied by subtle greyscale graphics, aiming to put the emphasis on the words in a complimentary fashion.

"Life, an infinite dance
of endings and beginnings —
We bloom eternal"

Inspired by the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life, the three-line verses in this collection are both haiku that have been shared online, and a selection of previously unpublished ones.

Count from one, till a hundred.

Gathered together, Amaranthine collects a hundred haiku poems side by side in print editions (both hard- and softcover) and simultaneous eBook editions (visual and poetry only), giving the reader a chance to briefly escape and dream away.

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