Good Things in Sad Times

Hello everyone,

There’s no going about it; the world has changed dramatically since last I sat down to write a blog update. This global COVID-19 pandemic is, and remains, hard to believe. For the past weeks now, I’ve been living in self-chosen quarantine with my family, following the news, feeling as if I’m an extra in a disaster movie I actually had absolutely no desire to appear in.

Though I’ve been an independent artist for years, and am used to working from, and staying, at home, I will not deny my days are filled with an anxious edge; for you simply know something is wrong. There’s a invisible monster prowling the streets, a monster you can’t fight, but only hope to avoid.

So, to keep my mind off it, I try to keep busy, and fill my life with good things. And, with this update, I hope to extend some to you, too.


• April Book Discounts!

All over social media, authors have been selling their books with massive discounts in order to “Give Something Back” in these trying times, and I loved that sentiment so much, that I decided to join in 🙂

That is why for the whole month of April, the visual (or illustrated, if you will) Kindle editions of my books Amaranthine, Musings from a Wildflower and Dreamscape, will be available for only € 4,99!

With Amaranthine and Musings from a Wildflower collecting both a 100 of my visual poems about love, life and nature, and the words in Dreamscape accompanied by fantasy inspired imagery, I hope that my books will enable you to find some relaxation; an escape so to speak, to a more peaceful place.

If you’re interested to see more, please click on the titles above, or for direct purchase links, look a little more below (:

  • Amaranthine; visual poems from the haiku series — € 8,75 / now only € 4,99
  • Musings from a Wildflower; the micro poetry series, vol. 01 — € 8,75 / now only € 4,99
  • Dreamscape; an illustrated journey in art and poetry — € 7,95 / now only € 4,99


• TheArtistLounge Interview

A few weeks ago, I found myself honoured to be asked for a written interview with deviantART’s TheArtistLounge; an artistic hub I’d been a group-member of for some months now, and as of March the 30th, it’s now available to read!

Asking me to tell a bit more about how I started in writing and photography, what inspires me, and how I go about when I create my Handwritten poems, you can head over to here to read the interview if you’d like to, and learn a bit more about me and my works 🙂

• New Poetry Coming Soon

Yes, you read that right! Another thing that is happening this April is the return of my Handwritten poetry uploads. Though I’m still incredibly busy with my other art-project (more about that in the segment below!), I’ll be resuming new shares in a bi-weekly fashion. A new set of tanka, haiku and love poems are ready to be posted, so keep an eye on my blog or your favourite social media channel for my poetic words if you are a fan and been missing them, or maybe you are a new follower and curious to find out more (:


• Kiyo Art Takes on a New Appearance

If you have visited my old domain, recently, you may have already noticed, but things are indeed happening and changing around there, and it has everything to do with the new artist venture I blogged about in January, which actually also is my final (and till now) unshared most prominent reason for why I changed from using Kiyo as my author’s pseudonym, to my own name back in October of ’19.

As my closest followers will remember, I started having RSI-troubles somewhere mid 2019; a fact that really had me struggling with the way my (work) life was structured, depending as I do on my full-time computer use. As, aside from being a writer, I’m a digital visual artist by trade, working in design and illustration. Trying to meet deadlines, while working around my injured wrist as best as I could, it became clear to me as the months passed, that if I did not want to do permanent damage to my wrist, I had to make some big changes. And, quite by coincidence (or not?) I happened upon one, that actually stole my heart.

For several years, I’ve been exploring the artisan craft of needle felting—mainly as a relaxing hobby in my weekends—by creating 3-dimensonal versions of the kawaii characters I enjoy designing for myself. And wanting to stay busy on days I had to relax my wrist, I actually discovered needle felting helped lessen my pain and strain. Happy with the almost therapeutic result of my hobby, I spent many hours crafting and it was during those hours, that an idea was born. For why not turn my hobby into something a bit more serious? An online shop, for instance? It would allow me to stay creative, healthy, while also generate a livelihood in a way that suited me.

So, talking it over with those closest to me, I took the plunge late 2019… and did.

Wishing to use my name Kiyo for this artistic purpose, I could even more rightfully give in to my desire to publish my future writing underneath my own name, and taking a step back from my poetry and stories, I began working hard at my new adventure. Little more than a week ago, I started sharing my first sneak-peeks, by updating my site’s homepage with the big photograph above, featuring the first of my “Kawaii in a Box” dolls, three Geisha Girls called Akari, Chiyo and Yume. They are entirely hand-made from needle-felt; a process which uses barbed felting needles to interlock wool fibres to create this denser material called felt. As the felting needle is moved up and down, the barbs on the needles catch the scales of the wool and entangle them into place, allowing you to sculpt objects that are either flat or three dimensional.

Officially launching on June 10th, I will start offering these three dolls, and many more (follow me on my new Instagram and Twitter accounts to see other dolls in the weeks to come) in made-to-order fashion, along with cute prints and arty photographs. They will be called “Kawaii in a Box” dolls, as they are for one: inspired by the Japanese term for “cute”, and two: will actually come to you in a custom 5 x 5 cm Kraft paper box; the dolls easily fitting in the palm of your hand—these Geisha Girls for instance stand at no more than 7 cm in height 😉

It’s been quite tough to keep this all to myself until I had actually something to show, and even if it comes as a surprise (if you only know me as a writer/photographer) I hope you’ll join me on my new journey, possibly counting down with me till opening day 🙂


• Please, do take care everyone

With that last, big section I’ve come to the end of my blog-post, and I want to use a few last lines to wish you all the very best of health. Wherever you may be, I hope you are safe and sound, taking the precautions that you can, and if you have loved ones that have been taken ill with the Corona virus, my most sincerest thoughts are with you.

Take care.

Love, KJ

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Everything sounds absolutely great, and I wish you all the best of luck — and health <3 Your Geisha dolls look gorgeous! Also really enjoyed reading your interview; congrats!! They really chose some of your most awesome photos and poems to share 🙂

Kimberly Jolanda

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and look, at everything! I’m happy you enjoyed it, and wish you too, the best of health; please stay safe (: <3

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