Treasure Map

Poem from the Handwritten series.

Find me
on the faded edges
   of a map
   once drawn,
the ink-black outlines
   of seven seas
and treasure islands,
and meet me
   as one,
at the end
of the horizon
   that moment
   stars begin
      to fall

* * *
No matter the journey, I feel some souls are destined to meet, no matter when or where, life will bring them together.

Love, KJ

Posted by Kimberly Jolanda


Beautiful! 🙂

Kimberly Jolanda

Thank you! (:

Very beautiful. I love it.

Kimberly Jolanda

Thanks so much~! <3

It’s so romantic—both the words and the picture <3 Lovely!

Kimberly Jolanda

Thank you so very much, I’m very glad you enjoyed and liked it! <3

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