Poem from the Handwritten series.

kissing in the rain,
our impressions
   like the tears
falling in broken jewels
upon my hesitating

We still haunt
these streets,
   you, and I.

* * *
Memories, they linger in places, sounds and things; like ghosts, they can haunt our steps and make us relive the happiness, and the heartache.

Love, KJ

Posted by Kimberly Jolanda


Very beautiful. The poem and the background are awesome.😍

Kimberly Jolanda

Thank you very much, Inge! I’m happy to read you enjoyed it so! <3

This is so lovely <3

Kimberly Jolanda

Thank you so much! <3 (:

‘Impressions’ is beautiful! I love your ‘handwritten’ series! Great work 🙂

Kimberly Jolanda

Thank you so much for both the compliment on this poem, and the (new) series! I’m very happy to learn you are enjoying it (: <3

I love your work! This is beautiful!

Kimberly Jolanda

Thanks so much for the kind words, RHS! 🙂

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