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Hello everyone 🙂

It’s been a little while coming, but today it’s a happy day for me, as it is finally truly here: the release of…

Amaranthine; visual poems from the haiku series

“Life, an infinite dance
of endings and beginnings —
We bloom eternal”

Influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles, Amaranthine is a collection of visual poems from the Haiku series. Counting a hundred poems in total, both published and previously unpublished, these three-line verses are inspired by the continuous changes that happen all around us, in both nature and life. Touching upon various topics, the poetry is accompanied by subtle greyscale graphics, aiming to put the emphasis on the words in a complimentary fashion.

Count from one, till a hundred.

Gathered together, Amaranthine collects a hundred haiku poems side by side in print editions (both hard- and softcover) and simultaneous eBook editions (visual and poetry only), giving the reader a chance to briefly escape and dream away.

Would you like to see a bit more? I invite you to have a look at the book’s extensive preview page, a selection of poems from the Haiku series, or enjoy a motion picture approach by watching the official booktrailer here below (:


Purchase and additional information:

Buy this book in;

Hardcover, € 51,50 — Available through Blurb
Softcover, € 41,95 — Available through Blurb
eBook (Kindle, visual ed.), € 8,75 — Available through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (Kindle, poetry ed.), € 2,99 — Available through Amazon (worldwide)
eBook (ePub, poetry ed.), € 2,99 — Available through Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo

Page count (print):
• 118 pages (premium matte paper, full colour)

Find this book on Goodreads.


Lastly, I want to leave a little shout-out to the people who left me messages of encouragement as I was working on getting Amaranthine from simply a collection of poems to print and eBook; it’s a book close to my heart, and your lovely comments made it just that bit sweeter. Thank you (:

As always, feel free to drop me a line with thoughts or questions; I love to hear from you~

Love, KJ / Kiyo

Posted by Kimberly Jolanda


HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!!! It looks amazing, as always, and I’m SO in love with the trailer. It’s wonderful and truly captures the heart of your haiku poetry <3

Kimberly Jolanda

OOOH, I LOVE THAT! Happy Book Birthday, indeed <3 Thanks so much for both compliments 🙂 I really like how the trailer turned out myself, so it's a delight to know you feel the same way~!

Congrats with this beautiful book – both in words and illustration; Amaranthine is your third book and worth of my hard earned cash!!! – you are an AMAZING artist! BTW: Your book trailer for Amaranthine is soooo in balance with the book – really wonderfull! Again congrats and I hope the book will get a lot of publicity and sales – For people who love Haiku: this book is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! 🙂

Kimberly Jolanda

OH, WOW! Thanks so very, very much for your incredibly wonderful comments and compliments, Stone! Everything, from the book itself to your positive response to the trailer, made me very happy to read. I’m so glad you will enjoy Amaranthine; again, thank you! 🙂

This is genuinely a beautiful book! I have always been a big admirer of people who create Haiku’s and your book is the jewel on the crown! My sincere compliments to you!

Kimberly Jolanda

🙂 What a lovely compliment to receive! Thanks so much, RHS, for leaving such a kind compliment about Amaranthine behind; I’m so happy you enjoyed it (:

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