A New Name, A New Domain

Hello everyone (:

Less than a fortnight ago I was in the middle of counting down the days to my newest book-launch, when suddenly I dropped the cryptic message on social media that Amaranthine’s release would be postponed by a week to September 17th (which is happening!), and that I had some changes in the works that I would soon update you all upon… And, for those of you keeping a close eye on my social accounts β€”or my siteβ€” the change is obvious, as I’ve switched from Kiyo, to using my own name Kimberly Jolanda!

Uhm, how did that come about?

So, yes, where to begin? For I can indeed imagine that for anyone on the outside this change was sudden, and most certainly unexpected. Yet, for me, I have to admit, it was something that’s been on my mind for almost a year now.

Though I love writing poetry, and will continue to do so as it is a literary part of my mind that will not be silenced, for the past year I’ve been actually more immersed in writing prose. I’m compiling a series of short stories for a full-book release, as well as my first novel, and every time I imagined myself releasing it, using the name Kiyo just didn’t feel totally right. Don’t take me wrong, I love my creative nickname, and have enjoyed publishing my work under it, but somehow it just doesn’t feel entirely right for the stories I want to put out there. To me, Kiyo is more like a brand, in a way, than an author-name β€” if that makes any sense to you on the outside at all? πŸ˜‰

Still, because I’d already accomplished so much, I silenced that little voice for months on end, until a while back, I began the switch to my Handwritten poetry series; which indeed is born from the desire to put a more personal touch to my work, but also to leave me more creative writing-room for those other projects. Adjusting my site to my updates accordingly over the summer (and talked about in the last Kiyo Corner), it was on a evening now about that fortnight ago, that I let slip to my family that I wished I could actually change my name for my future publications, but had no idea if I could just do that.

And they replied: why not?
Yes, it would be a sudden change. But, I had to do what felt right to me, even if it was unexpected.

Which was true, and something I always say to others, but it can be strange to hear them being said to yourself.

Yet, it gave me the push I needed, and, long story short, I did πŸ™‚ As of the end of this week, my website has moved to a new domain at kj.siuhkyls.com (fun fact: siuhkyls is actually my last name spelled backwards, jolanda is my middle name ^_^), my social media handles have all changed, and my handwritten series, photography and future books will be released under Kimberly Jolanda instead of Kiyo from now on.

My existing books, from Dreamscape, Musings from a Wildflower to upcoming Amaranthine, will remain published under Kiyo β€” and the second (and last) volume in the Micro Poetry series, Lullabies from a Daydreamer will also still see the publishing light.

Sincerely, I hope you will all embrace this name-change with me, and I can say in closing: Welcome back aboard; my name is Kimberly, formerly known as Kiyo β€” it’s a pleasure to re-meet you (:

Have any questions for me? Or just want to drop me a line, please don’t hesitate to do so below~

Love, KJ

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Love the “New” Name. It’s a plasure to re-meet you again from Kimmy to KIYO and back to Kimmy again :p. *Hugs*


Kimberly Jolanda

πŸ™‚ Awhahah, thanks Juan! Yes, it’s quite something isn’t it? Lol, that’s life for you!

It’s always a pleasure to meet you, too (:


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