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Hello everyone (:

It’s been a long time coming, with many a teaser video or image on my social media accounts, but finally I’m here with some exiting news: the title and cover reveal of my upcoming book-release! So, proudly I present…

Amaranthine, visual poems from the haiku series!

Alike to Musings from a Wildflower, Amaranthine features a hundred poems, this time from my weekly shared Haiku series, and will become available in both print editions (hard- and softcover) as well as my two familiar eBook editions (visual, and text-only.)

For those of you unfamiliar with my poetry series’, the poems in my Haiku series have (without much surprise, I think 😉 ) been influenced by the art found in traditional Japanese poetry styles; the three-line verses inspired by the continuous changes that happen in both nature and life. Touching upon various topics, the words themselves are accompanied by subtle greyscale graphics, aiming to put the emphasis on the poetry in a complimentary fashion.

Why the title “Amaranthine,” you may ask?

Truth be told, I wondered about the title for my haiku collection for quite some time, tossing different options in the mix, but always desiring for something that sounded a little, well, magical. I sincerely enjoy writing haiku; having learned from quite some talented people I met on my writing journey who introduced me to this form, there’s (for me) something special trying to tell a message with such limited words. It makes me stop and really consider my thoughts, my emotions, and how life is changeable in one way, yet somehow preserved in memories and moments. With Amaranthine meaning “endless, continuous, eternal” it just instantly clicked when I added the title to my list of options, and I knew that it was the one. I can only sincerely hope you’ll feel the same way about my choice, too (:

Make it your own: September 10th

Though I’ve been sharing the Haiku series for almost two years, only 75 of them have been uploaded online, giving Amaranthine a little extra edge; for 25 poems are brand-new, and have never seen the light of any kind of publication before.

And, last (and maybe most important) fact; the book will be officially released on the 17th of September through Blurb, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Amazon, but for those of you intrigued for a quick peek, I happily direct you to the book’s official page on my site which features a detailed look of how the printed edition (and eBooks) look like in “real life” 🙂 Next to that I will also be sharing more sneak-peeks on my social media channels, so follow me on your favoured ones (find them on your right-hand-side) for more in the weeks to come!

Looking forward to share more about Amaranthine with you all as the release date comes closer; and as always, drop me line if you feel like it (:

Love, KJ / Kiyo

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